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E-book “HOPE”


Effective methods and thoughts



The author Dr. Renata Rachelova is the psychologist who applies hypnosis techniques in her private practice from the year 2003. She works with children and adults, too. She has got a special “God gift”, as she calls it- to HEAR a human’s SOUL, to understand it’s weaknesses and it’s sorrows and immediately determine a CAUSE of the psychical or physical problem of the person. She helped to recover thousands of people from her country of birth – Slovakia and from abroad.


In the book HOPE she wants to introduce you the different destinies of the people- the clients who visited her in her ordination and whom she helped to guide and better understand their life, family, children and themselves; direct them on the right path of life; but mainly to heal their mental and health problems, where even other doctors nor psychologists  could give them the helping and successful hand.




Book language:  English

Year of publishing: 2020

Formats of E-book:  PDF, MOBI, EPUB


Price:  13,- Eur


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